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Perfect Throw Aid has many positive BENEFITS:

  • PTA provides you instant feedback and helps you to gain muscle memory

  • Use anytime, anywhere, any place, indoors or outdoors

  • PTA can help with extension of your throwing arm, acceleration of your hips and finish with your follow through.

  • PTA is used by all boys and girls starting at 6 years old. (Youth Leagues, Middle School, High School, College and Pro level)

  • PTA benefits all Baseball players. (Infielders, Outfielders, Catchers and Pitchers)

  • PTA benefits all Softball position players. (Infielders, Outfielders and Catchers)

  • PTA has less wear and tear on arm or body than TOWEL DRILL.

  • PTA allows for full extension and finish, unlike the TOWEL DRILL.

  • PTA is a very affordable product being the price of one private baseball/softball lesson. Benefit – The player can use PTA over & over, day after day, inside or outside rain or shine.

  • PTA gives the player the ability to work out by him/herself never needing a second person.

  • PTA is a very compact product that can be stored in any players BB/SB bag.

  • PTA has a built in feature that provides every user, righty or lefty, with every throw, instant feedback the minute they finish their throwing motion, so they can make instant adjustments to the very next throwing motion. The Strippz will wrap around your opposite hip and finish over your throwing shoulder.

  • PTA has the ability to be utilized in the rehab portion of a return to throw program following Tommy John, Labrum or Rotator Cuff surgery.

  • PTA helps with muscle memory for creating proper throwing mechanics year round.

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