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Perfect your throw with

StrikeOut Strippz

The only throwing aid backed by medical data

that provides Muscle Memory & Instant Feedback

For All Position Players   *   Male or Female


Provides Instant Feedback While Gaining Muscle Memory

The Leading Throwing Aid

StrikeOut Strippz is the very first and only sports throwing training aid that teaches MUSCLE MEMORY for a complete throwing motion.  It synchronizes stride motion with throwing motion for The Perfect Throw®.


Secondly and most important, it provides INSTANT FEEDBACK at the end of every throwing motion, which is absolutely the most important Benefit for all youth to learn, for all ages.  From little league to the pro's,  perfect your throw with our throwing aid and discover The Perfect Throw®.

Strikeout Strippz is the only throwing aid to develop muscle memory for a complete throwing motion.  Our throwing aid teaches you how to properly extend, follow through, and finish.  The Perfect Throw® is the future ambassador for promoting arm safety for the game of baseball and softball

Instructional Video


See Strikout Strippz In Action


Perfect Mechanics

PTA helps with muscle memory for creating proper throwing mechanics year round.


StrikeOut Strippz can be used by left and right handed players.


Wether your a male or female, beginner or pro, PTA can be used at any level and any age for gaining better throwing mechanics.

Medically Proven Effective

World Class Medical Center have tested and proven that StrikeOut Strippz has improved throwing motion for optimal throwing.

"Part of Perfect Throw's mission is to minimize future Adolescent Throwing Arm Injuries"

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Strikeout Strippz is a uniquely designed throwing aid for all baseball and softball players ranging from youth league to professional players that can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or out, without a catcher or a ball, thanks to a pair of specially engineered strips attached to a training glove. After putting the glove on their throwing hand and fully simulating a pitch or a throw, Strikeout Strippz will allow baseball and softball players to see exactly, through the full range of motion, where their hands, glove, arms and legs should be and the route they should travel on every pitch or throw from the set position through the finishing drive to the target area.

Strikeout Strippz

It's Simple, It's Affordable, It's Effective ... It WORKS!

Used by Players of All Ages And Teams Everywhere


Jason Stanford

  • Major League Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians

  • TEAM USA National Team

  • Baseball Analyst for Cleveland Indians TV Network


Mike Bacsik

  • Former Major League pitcher for New York Mets, Washington Nationals, Arizona Diamondbacks & Texas Rangers

  • Analyst for Fox Sports Southwest and Fox College Sports


Ashley Thomas

  • Georgia Tech University

  • Drafted 16th overall in 2014

  • Named 2013 ACC Player of the Year


Kelley Montalvo

  • University of Alabama

  • Named 2014 NPF Jennie Finch Award Winner

  • Named 2012 NPF Co-Defensive Player of the Year

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